Walhi : Half Of Wetland In Jambi Is Broken

JAMBI – Executive Director of Wahana Linkungan Hidup Indonesia (Walhi) Jambi Province, Musri Nauli said, in the Wetland Forest and Area Study, in Village of Sungai Bungur, Kumpehilir, District of Muarajambi, Jambi Province, Monday (2/1) revealed that, there are at least 350.000 hectares of wetland forest massively broken. The demaged wetland forests nearly reach 50% from 700.000 hectares area of wetland forests in the regions.

Quoting from Suara Pembaruan, the width of the broken wetland forest happened for the conversion or functional changes of the wetland forest to be plantation and industrial plantation forest and the fire happening in every dry season.

The damages happen in three Districts, they are, District of East Tanjungjabung, West Tanjungjabung and Muarojambi.

Musri Nauli thought, saving the wetland forest in Jambi will be difficult to do if the area conversions to be plantation and industrial plantation forest keep running.

He continued, the wide area and wetland forest in eastern Jambi, especially in District of West Tanjungjabung and East Tanjungjabung will damage fast if the government keeps giving licence to change the function of the areas. (T3)


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