Joint press release by World Rainforest Movement, Watch Indonesia, Walhi Jambi, Grupo de Reflexion Rural, Biofuelwatch and African Biodiversity Network

5th December 2007 - Bali
Six organisations from North and South will be presenting evidence about the catastrophic impact of large-scale biofuel production on the climate and ecosystems, communities and food sovereignty at a UNFCCC side event on 6th December.
Speakers from Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, Uganda and the UK will speak about “Biofuels, Climate Change and Climate Justice”. They will discuss the increase in deforestation and thus greenhouse gas emissions in the global South due to the growing demand for biofuels, the displacement of local communities, loss of food security and food sovereignty as biofuel crops replace food production and push up the price of food, and the impact of increased agro-chemical use for biofuels on people, biodiversity and the climate.
Stella Semino of Grupo de Reflexion Rural, Argentina says “My country is a perfect example of what industrial agriculture implies: deforestation, rural exodus, soil deterioration, loss of biodiversity, high agrochemical imputs, water pollution, disastrous effects on human and animal health, and direct human right abuses. With the growing demand for biofuel, this situation will be exacerbated.”